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Lead Data

For further information about the CEDO Lead Program, please see here:

Please note that single family homes are not included in this data for privacy reasons

This data will be updated quarterly by the CEDO Lead team

If you have any questions, please contact a CEDO Lead Program Specialist at: 802-865-LEAD (5323)

Column NameTypeDescription

Project ID: Project Identification Number, please see below for acronym descriptions:

RP - Rental Property
OO - Owner Occupied Property
OOS - Owner Occupied Single Family
OO3 - Owner Occupied Triplex
OO4 - Owner Occupied Fourplex
OO5 - Owner Occupied Five-plex
DC - Day Care Property
NP - Non-Profit Property
SRP: Single Family Rental Property

IntegerYear of completion 
StringProperty Address
Parcel ID
IntegerParcel Identification Number
IntegerSpecific address unit #
Year Built
IntegerYear the property was built
Units Cleared
Integer# of units cleared
Total Units
IntegerTotal # of units within the property
StringSchool Property Account Number, a unique 11-digit identification number assigned by Burlington to each property 
Geo PointGeo PointGeo location of unit on a map

Dataset schema

JSON Schema

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