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Sales and Use Tax

This dataset is an aggregation of data reported through the Vermont State Department of Taxes. The dataset presents taxable receipts for retail sales and use of tangible personal property.

  • The Gross Receipts number includes all reported sales, including items that are exempt from sales tax. This number is provided for reference.
  • The Retail Receipts number includes only taxable sales; sales of exempted items do not appear in this number. Retail Receipts represent the sales to which the Vermont Sales Tax is applied
  • The Use Receipts number represents business purchases subject to Vermont Use Tax

The receipts numbers included in the report are sales dollars, NOT the tax revenue (tax dollars). You can calculate tax revenue by multiplying the taxable receipts by the appropriate tax rate. 

Information pertaining to fewer than ten accounts has been suppressed to protect the confidentiality of taxpayer information. Suppressed information is noted by "*".

For additional information please visit the Vermont State Department of Taxes Data and Statistics Page.

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