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Vermont Colleges and Universities

Vermont Colleges and Universities: The colleges and university dataset is composed of all Vermont Post Secondary Education facilities as defined by the Integrated Post Secondary Education System (IPEDS), National Center for Education Statistics, US Department of Education. Included are Doctoral/Research Universities, Masters Colleges and Universities, Baccalaureate Colleges, Associates Colleges, Theological seminaries, Medical Schools and other health care professions, Schools of engineering and technology, business and management, art, music, design, Law schools, Teachers colleges, Tribal colleges, and other specialized institutions. For each field the 'Not available' and 'NULL' designations are used to indicate that the data for the particular record and field is currently unavailable and will be populated when and if that data becomes available.

Data Dictionary

Column NameTypeDescription


School name
ALIASStringOther name or abbreviation for school
STATEStringState (VT)
ZIPIntegerZIP code
POPULATIONIntegerNumber of students, faculty and workers

Number of full time employees (-999 if NA)

PT_ENROLLIntegerNumber of part time employees (-999 if NA)
(continued below)

Dorm capacity (-999 if NA)


Total number of employees

SOURCELinkLink to source of data
Date information from source was collected
WEBSITElinkWebsite for school
Geo PointGeo PointGeo Point of location of school
TELEPHONEStringTelephone Number to contact school

Dataset schema

JSON Schema

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