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Vermont Prison Boundaries

This dataset represents prison boundaries. The dataset is composed of selected facilities that fall under the following NAICS descriptions: Jails (Except Private Operation of), Correctional Institutions, Correctional Facility Operation on a Contract or Fee Basis, Boys and Girls Residential Facilities (e.g., Homes, Ranches, Villages), Prisons, Sheriffs Offices (Except Court Functions Only), Rehabilitation Services, Correctional, Government, Police Departments (Except American Indian or Alaska Native), Correctional Boot Camps, Prison Farms, Boot Camps for Delinquent Youth, Halfway Group Homes for Delinquents And Ex-Offenders, Honor Camps, and Correctional Juvenile Detention Centers.

Data Dictionary

Column NameTypeDescription
NAMEStringPrison name
Geo PointGeo PointGeo Point of location
Geo ShapeGeo ShapeGeo Shape of prison
CITYStringCity or town prison is in
STATEStringState (VT)
TELEPHONEIntegerTelephone number of prison
TYPEStringType of prison (State or Country for VT)


STATUSStringStatus of prison (Open or closed)
POPULATIONIntegerNumber of people at prison
COUNTYStringCountry prison is in
SOURCELinkLink to source of info
VAL_DATEDateDate info was collected from source
WEBSITELinkLink to prison website
SECURELVLStringLevel of security for prison
CAPACITYIntegerCapacity of prison

Dataset schema

JSON Schema

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